KIDZ App engages kids with the Bible

By August 6, 2014
Photo Courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing

(Photo Courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing)

USA (MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing has for many years provided materials for children to better understand the Bible.

In their early days, they created and produced Scripture-based story books that also included games and puzzles with biblical themes. These went hand in hand with their KIDZ Bible® — a high-quality audio production that contains Bible stories presented in dramatic fashion along with 70 children’s songs.

Wanting to continue this long history of promoting Bible engagement for a younger audience, the ministry has continued their technological innovation and is excited to announce the release of the KIDZ™ app.

In partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship, the new app uses beautifully illustrated stories to encourage kids to spend more time learning from the Bible. While more content will be added, the initial release contains these New Testament stories:

Birth of Jesus
Jesus is Baptized
A Feast for 5,000
Jesus Heals Blind Man
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
An Empty Tomb

Children can also build puzzles, color pages, and complete memory verse games to earn points that allow them to build their Armor of God. Based on Ephesians 6, they work to unlock achievements for the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, and the belt of truth. While kids are having fun playing, they are also increasing their knowledge of Scripture.

Photo Courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing

(Photo Courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing)

In keeping with the social media era, an added feature allows your child to share a story, memory verse, or page they have colored via e-mail right from the app. Moreover, they can include a voice message that can be recorded and attached through the app. Because the app will be used by younger children, the e-mail function does require parental consent and involvement.

In addition to the stories, games, and sharing functions, the app also includes access to the ministry’s KIDZ Bible® through the KIDZ Radio Network. Children can listen while they play, or families may choose to gather together and listen during their devotional time.

Photo Courtesy Faith Comes y By Hearing

(Photo Courtesy Faith Comes By Hearing)

Troy Carl, vice president at Faith Comes By Hearing, says, “With today’s technology allowing kids to play and learn on mobile devices like the iPad, this was an easy choice for us. We can combine entertainment with the invaluable lessons, wisdom, and knowledge only found in the Bible.” KIDZ™ is being released initially in English and Arabic, with plans to make the app available in other languages.

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