Bible League chosen as main evangelism resource in Central Asia.

By July 29, 2004

Central Asia (MNN)–They work in Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, areas where public evangelism is illegal. Others work in areas of Central Asia where their worldview is consistently challeged by their minority status and persecution.

They are the church workers of Central Asia. At a recent Central Asian Missionary Conference in Kazakhstan, 800 believers chose the Bible League’s Scripture placement and training method as their resource of choice.

Their work is notoriously difficult in a Muslim-dominated part of the world, wehre less than one-percent of the population profess to be believers.

With the Bible League as a resource and partner, the delegates pledged a new vision. They want to plant one church for every 25-thousand people over the next two years.

Aside from the size of this project, there are other factors that threaten it. Many of the Central Asian areas are resistant to the Gospel, and evangelism is illegal. Other areas severely restrict such activity.

The Bible League hopes to help these church leaders by training them in how to hold small-group Bible studies. Upon completion, the small-group members will then get Scripture portions, which will hopefully attract new members.

Pray for those workers as they work to share the Gospel in areas known to be hostile to Christians.

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