Bible League places 650 million Scriptures

By April 12, 2004

USA (MNN/BLG) — Bible League’s worldwide ministry has experienced dynamic growth over the last 14 years.

Cumulative totals for the 1989-2003 period reflect “only a fraction of God’s accomplishments,” says David Stravers, executive vice president of ministry. “But, we have seen enough of His victories to be awed by His salvation power.”

Those victories include more than 650 million Scriptures place with nearly 18 million Bible study graduates. “The rate of new Bible study groups being established is now about 4,000 per week,” Stravers says.

With an emphasis on Scripture placement, the Bible League provide a series of small-group Bible studies to local evangelical churches worldwide. Following completion of these studies, participants can earn their own New Testaments and Bibles.

Despite impressive Bible study growth, there are still millions of people around the globe without Scriptures and spiritual support. In Africa alone, there are more than 200 million professing Christians who have never had Bibles. An estimated two million communities are without an evangelical church presence. And, nearly one half of the world’s more than 16,000 ethnic people groups remain unreached by the Gospel.

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