Bible League volunteers raise record funds for Russian Bibles

By September 28, 2004

USA (MNN/BL) — A record breaking fundraising effort by the Bible League Volunteers is making a significant impact by providing Bibles to nearly 200,000 people in Russia.

“This just blows me away,” says Connie Reitsma, director of development for the volunteer organization, based out of the Bible League’s International Ministry Center in Crete, IL. “I am so encouraged by this group and all the work they’ve done. I can see how God is working through them, and that He is able.”

At the close of a two-year fund-raising campaign on August 31, the US-based network of 770 volunteer had exceeded goals by more than $38,000, raising a total of $789,000 o send Bibles o Russia. It was the largest amount the 42-year-old organization had ever raised for one country.

Founding in 1962, the Bible League Volunteers choose a region where the bible League has an active ministry for their two-year projects. There are 23 area divisions throughout the United States, and volunteers act as key contacts and representative for the Bible League within their churches and communities. They conduct various charity events, such as retreats, golf outings, talent nights, concerts, and bake sales. In addition to fund raising, volunteers work through their churches to education others about the Bible League, and encourage personal and communal prayer for the Bible League’s overseas ministries.

In past campaigns, the volunteers have focused on raising funds to provide Bibles to Christians in Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Colombia. The next project will benefit those in the Philippines, with a goal to raise nearly $1 million by August 31, 2006.

“This group of people just has the biggest heart for sharing God’s Word, and has tremendous potential to raise money to send Bibles around the world,” says Reitsma.

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