Bible ministry focuses on Bibles, not buildings

By July 26, 2013

USA (MNN) — It doesn’t take a huge facility to send thousands of Bibles to China each year. At least it doesn’t take a huge building for the ministry called Bibles for China. Bibles for China doesn’t have a building at all.

President of Bibles for China Wendell Rovenstine says, “My office is Panera Bread, McDonalds and anywhere there is WiFi.”

According to Rovenstine describes the backbone of the ministry. “Bibles for China, we have basically asked the Lord to give us the ability and the knowledge and the relationships through social media to be able to let people enter our ministry, to become involved with what we do, by sitting in their living room.”

He says the technology is allowing them to develop deeper relationships in a unique way. “Many of the people without our country and around the world spend more time on the internet than they do in those places attached to those ministries. So, we are really working hard to make Bibles for China a website community that people can go there and say, ‘hey, I belong here.'”

Their network is growing. They have more than 81,000 Facebook friends. “There are people who have gone on Facebook and then gone into our website and have become participants in what we do and participating in prayer support and sharing what is happening in China.”

Rather than investing in infrastructure, Bibles for China is investing in ministry. That allows them to, “directly purchase Bibles in Nanjing China from Amity Press to put Bibles into the hands of people who can’t afford them, nor would they know where to find them.”

Bibles for China purchased Bibles in China for distribution in China. (Bibles for China photo)

Bibles for China purchased Bibles in China for distribution in China. (Bibles for China photo)

For Chinese Christians in rural China, it’s difficult getting a Bible. “They don’t have Bible bookstores that people go into. The Bible is legally distributed in China through the registered church,” says Rovenstine.

After they purchase them, Bibles for China takes teams to verify they get to those who need them. You can join Bibles for China on a verification trip. Get information about the trips or to purchase Bibles for distribution here.

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