Bible narration is being used to share the Gospel in an East African nation.

By September 10, 2003

East Africa (MNN) — E. Africa (MNN) — Bible narration is a tool being used to lead people to Christ in an East African country. An American missionary working there with the EFCA International Mission He’ll remain nameless for security reasons. He says he’s living in an area where the people learn orally. “In an oral tradition culture, people get their new input from narrations and stories. And so, the way we communicate with them important truths, particularly the Gospel, is we narrate God’s word to them. And, it’s a way that they can understand it and actually repeat it to others. It’s quite exciting.”

The EFCA is using friendships to open doors to share God’s word there. He says, “We get to know people, establish a relationship with them, and then there comes a time when I would ask the head of the house, ‘would you be interested in hearing what God’s word has to say about Abraham, Moses and David,’ and because in their religion they’ve heard of these names before they most often respond with yes.”

One church has already been established, and a narration group has been formed across town.

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