Bible Pathway Ministries arrives in France.

By January 24, 2007

France (MNN)–The growth rate of Islam, according to the U.S. Center for World Mission, is faster than Christianity. That’s especially true in Europe where African immigrant populations continue to grow…like France.

Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says French missionary Al Feria recently got a copy of the French Bible Pathway, Le Sentier Biblique. “He is taking his church through it this year. His church is large by church standards in France because most evangelical churches there are only 35 to maybe 50 people, and he has a couple of hundred. He asked if we could send a thousand so that he could give them to other pastors.”

Feria works with Mission Radicale, a grassroots
French Christian youth movement dedicated to free and equip young people to become witnesses to their generation. The Ferias minister through the church I’Eglise Reformee de Paris-Belleville, situated in an ethnically diverse section of Paris with high populations of Chinese, North African, Jewish, and French.

The intent is to use the Bible Pathway as a tool to further their work. It’s a systematic plan that provides the reader with in-depth knowledge and application of the Bible. Roadmap to salvation, and a discipleship tool rolled into one.

But having the right tools is only part of the fight. France is a secular society and sees evangelicals as a cult. Hawkins urges prayer for those in the field. “It’s very difficult work. It’s actually a tremendous mission field. To be able to get these books in there to help pastors, to encourage people to read all the Bible, something that’s not been encouraged really, before, we think that it’s a really big step.”

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