Bible Pathway Ministries issues challenge for 2007.

By December 20, 2006

USA (MNN)–The Barna Research Group says nearly seven out of ten born-again Christians (67%) have read the Bible in the past week. That’s good news, right?

Yes, and no. Many North American Christians have access to Scripture, but never read the Bible all the way through. Bible Pathway Ministries’ Karen Hawkins says their case isn’t unusual.

What’s startling is the cross-section of people who haven’t read the Bible cover to cover. Hawkins says she met a retired pastor, in ministry for 40 years, who admitted he had never read the Bible cover to cover. “If all Scripture is inspired, [why don’t] Christians read all of it? We just pick and choose things that sound good and things that make us feel good. There is a lot of meat there that we need to know.”

Hawkins says they’re issuing a challenge to believers to commit to action in 2007. “We will give the January issue of Bible Pathway which covers Genesis and Exodus to get you started. A habit is made or broken in 21 days, so if people will start Genesis 1-3 on January 1, I think they’re going to be hooked and they will read all of the Bible.”

By reading the Bible all the way through, people will find their thinking revolutionized. Many people who complete the journey begin to understand how the Old Testament, in combination with the New Testament serve as a manual for living.

More importantly, Hawkins adds, “It will encourage you during hard times and inspire you to go on. It has God’s thoughts on a multitude of subjects which are relevant to our lives today.”

Click here if you would like a copy of the January Bible Pathway.

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