Bible Reading Marathon brings light to voodoo-ridden Benin.

By February 27, 2007

(MNN) — Thousands of members of mystical African cults gathered from all over
the world in Benin,
where a national holiday – Voodoo Day – was celebrated on January 10th. Of Benin's
seven million citizens, 65% believe in Voodoo. The day has been a national
holiday for a decade.

That's why Bible Pathway Ministries' Ken Sharp believes it's
a first for spiritually oppressed Benin.  With a spiritual history so deep-rooted in
the occult, the 30% who claim to be Christians have their work cut out for

Believers are holding a Bible Reading Marathon along with a
National Day of Prayer.  Sharp says these
events couldn't have come at a better time. "It's truly God's timing to
follow up about a month and a half after their national Voodoo Day, and just
prior to their national election, to help combat the darkness and to give the
people there in Benin, that strength and truth of the word of God."

The Bible Reading Marathon runs Feb 28 through March 3rd
this week. What's more, Sharp says it has gotten national attention and support
from high places. "The president of Benin is a believer and rules
politically with the fear of God, and he wants to try to get this Bible reading
marathon–they're planning on broadcasting it over the TV, nationwide."

Expected response is highly anticipated to be positive.  Sharp says their team says many see that
voodoo has only brought oppression and darkness.  That means people there are looking for a
source to bring them freedom and light emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. John A. Hash, founder of the International Bible Reading
Association has seen the importance of people reading all of God's Word,
Genesis through Revelation, to prepare their hearts to pray in the way God
would have.  It is because of his vision
that Bible Pathyway Ministries partners with the International Bible
Reading Association to support events like this.  Click here for details.

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