Bible School begins in Tanzania.

By August 2, 2004

Tanzania (MNN)–Tanzania is located in East Africa bordering the Indian Ocean on the east and Lake Tanganika on the west.

The country is a very responsive land where Grace Ministeries International has 72 churches, one Bible institute, and one hospital.

GMI asks prayer for seven lay leader Bible schools in Tanzania. About 160 students signed up for the seven schools that just began sessions.

This is a crucial time for the students, as there are many things that can prevent a student from successfully starting school. Many obstacles include personal needs and finances, miscommunication, and the politics of the area. Please pray that church leaders will be able to not only begin studies, but also complete them.

At this time, GMI also has full-time missionaries and several short-termers serving in Tanzania. In addition, there are several missionary candidates preparing to join the team this year.

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