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Published on 18 May, 2010

Bible school trains pastors

(MNN) — The Angolan people are hungry to learn about spiritual things. Other faiths, such as the Jehovah Witnesses,
are busy trying to satisfy this hunger. Recently,
an Operation Mobilization team member saw a Jehovah Witness Bible in the hands
of a leader in the Christian church. 

is working to provide the Angolan people with the only truth that will satisfy —
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To that end,
it has started a Bible school in Menongue, Angola. 

school's first students have completed their first year of classes. Fifteen of these future church leaders will
continue on to the next year of classes. A few new students have joined them as well. 

The school is working to recruit more
students and teachers. Teaching at the
school is not a full-time job. Pray that God
will provide more teachers with commitment to the Great Commission and training
pastors in God's Word. 

have finished building a lecture hall and a small library for the school. In order to complete another lecture hall and
a small residence, the school needs more cement bags and steel. Pray that God will provide the necessary
resources and that many will hear the Gospel through the ministry of the
school's students. 

Learn more about Angola and how you can help. 

One response to “Bible school trains pastors”

  1. greetings in the name of lord Jesus our savior.

    i am a missionary in Kenya for the last four years. i am the graduate fo evangelical theological college in bachelor of theology. again i did masters of divinity in Nairobi evangelical graduate school of theology.
    i am leading the mission organization called harvest nations mission.
    i am so hungry to teach the word of God for Africans. if you are really interested to visit your school just tell me i would like to visit your church as well as your school and see what is going on. my church in Ethiopia is SIM church which is called kale Heywet church (word of life church)
    be blessed
    missionary indrias belete

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