Bible shipment greeted with smiles in the Philippines

By March 7, 2008

Philippines (MNN) — Christian
Resources International
recently sent Bibles to a church in the Philippines.

The ministry takes used Bibles
and other Christian materials and sends them to others around the world who
can't afford their own. 

According to CRI, more than 122,000 people become
Christians every day, and most of those people are in Africa, Asia, and South
America. They're attending churches
where even the pastors have no Bibles.

Across the U.S., research indicates that the average American Christian
owns nine Bibles and is actively in the market for more. That means that resources are stagnating on
many bookshelves–resources which could be given new life in the developing church.

CRI encourages
believers to send resources to them which are no longer being used, and CRI in turn will send them
overseas to churches that do not have access to Bibles and Christian literature.

Back to the story of the church
in Ilocos Sur. Filipino
church leaders report many of their congregation members were thrilled to have
a copy of God's Word for their very own. Many had never owned their own copy and were unable to put it down.

CRI shares one story of an
elementary school teacher who read late into the night the first evening she
had her Bible. She had school the next day, and her mother warned her
that she wouldn't be able to get up in time if she didn't get to sleep. She
said that she set her alarm very early in order to read more of the Scriptures before
leaving for school.

The Filipino believers' thirst for the Gospel is
seen in their unmistakable smiles at the distribution.

To find out more about donating Bibles, Christian reference books and Bible study materials, click here.  


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