Bible Society encouraging Israelis amidst wider conflict concerns

By June 18, 2024

Israel (MNN) — Israelis continue to watch their northern border with concern. Over the past week, Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah increased missile attacks from Lebanon into Israel.

An IDF spokesperson said on Sunday that Hezbollah’s aggression is bringing the region to the brink of “wider escalation.”

Victor Kalisher giving a presentation with The Bible Society in Israel. (Photo courtesy of The Bible Society in Israel)

Victor Kalisher, director of The Bible Society in Israel, says they’re ministering to displaced Israelis and encouraging Christians. “The Bible Society, at the time of the war, expanded outreach into humanitarian aid.

“We also realize that The Bible Society is amongst the very few — if not the only ministry — that focuses on the message of the Bible in this critical time. I can tell you that many people are seeking encouragement and they are much more open than before.”

The Bible Society in Israel has several biblical resources in modern Hebrew on their website. They’re also active on social media sharing Scripture.

“Another thing that we do is that we leased a mini truck and we fill it up with Scriptures. We travel throughout the land and engage with people in conversation about the faith. Anyone who is interested, we provide them with Scriptures, whether it is New Testament, the full Bible, the Book of Psalms, outreach resources, and so on and so forth.

“We want to bring this spiritual aid to the people of Israel in this time of crisis, of spiritual war, and a great need for real encouragement — and real encouragement can only come by understanding the love of God in Christ.”

Connect with The Bible Society in Israel here.

Then, pray with them for Israelis to sense God’s tangible peace. Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to the people of Israel in profound ways, and to advance the Gospel through The Bible Society.

Pray also for Hezbollah fighters to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.





Header photo of Jerusalem, Israel. (Photo courtesy of Dariusz Kanclerz/Unsplash)

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