Bible surplus earmarked for Europe’s missionaries.

By August 9, 2007

Europe (MNN) — Europe has
followed a secular path and, in some places, apathy is slowly strangling the
church to death.  Recent statistics show
that roughly 21-percent of Europeans feel that religion is "very

The conflict between the continent's faith roots and it's
current pull toward humanism and atheism has broadened to a rift.  As people respond to the rift by seeking
distraction, it has grown into a void that's left the door wide open for Islam.

The challenge of the field has many believers responding to
the call.  But once they get to Europe, they are faced with isolation, discouragement and
social discrimination.  Sometimes that's
compounded by lack of resources.

Christian Resources International's Fred Palmerton says
that's why they're looking at a fall campaign for 'Operation: Bare Your
Bookshelf' to help. "Islam is really taking Europe
by storm and we want to combat that. What we're going to be seeking are the
names and addresses of missionaries who are currently serving in Europe who are in need of receiving free Bibles and
Christian books in English."

Participants send their excess Bibles, commentaries and
other help books to CRI, who will then distribute them.  Palmerton says this is a clarion call.
"Islam is just the rage in Europe.  We have to do something in Europe.
Christianity is disappearing rapidly there, and I think 'Bare Your Bookshelf'
is going to lend itself nicely to that."

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