Bible Translation is at historic levels; you can help

By March 16, 2009

USA (MNN) — Bible translation is at historic levels. However, there's much more work to do, and time is running out. According to Wycliffe Associates, YOU can help, and you don't even need translation experience. Does it seem impossible? It's not.

President of Wycliffe Associates Bruce Smith says we're closer than we've ever been in history. "There's more Bible translation underway today than at any time in the past — almost 2,000 languages currently in the translation process. Our goal is to see all of these languages started by 2025."

But it can't happen without the needed personnel, and the need isn't for Bible translators. Smith says many Christians don't understand that.

That's why Wycliffe Associates will be holding 150 banquets around the United States. Smith says fundraising is NOT the focus. "Our primary message is actually that God has really prepared YOU as professionals and as Christians to have unique skills and abilities that they can really come alongside the translation teams to help them be more effective and efficient and really help to speed the whole Bible translation process."

Smith says they need accountants, teachers, mechanics, construction workers, computer technicians, engineers and other skills.

The assistance of these workers helps the translators focus on Bible translation. "If somebody has to do the accounting and all you have is linguists on your team, then one of those linguists has to stop their translation work to do the accounting work."

The need for volunteer support staff is mind-boggling. "There are currently 3,000 vacant positions identified by our partner organizations. That basically means you have Bible translators fixing cars, working on air strips, building buildings, running the electrical generator, teaching in schools, all of those things in addition to Bible translation."

If you'd like to find out where you can use your skills, look for a banquet in a city near you. Click here for details.

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