Bible translator still missing

By February 1, 2011

Nigeria (MNN) — In mid-December, the Tarok Old Testament translation project was drawn to an abrupt halt after translator and project coordinator "Stephen" was kidnapped.

A month and a half later, Stephen's whereabouts remain unknown.

Stephen was kidnapped from Jos, Nigeria on December 16, and although he has not been able to return home, The Seed Company recently received a report that he was able to contact his wife on two separate occasions. Stephen spoke with his wife briefly via phone.

The ministry continues to worry about their translator, however, as his most recent phone conversation with his spouse was now over three weeks ago. The Seed Company has yet to hear anything else from this key translator.

In the meantime, the Tarok project continues to suffer as a result. 70 percent of the Tarok people have accepted Christ as a result of the New Testament release and are still eagerly anticipating the Old Testament. Stephen is a vital piece in completing this project.

Although the fact that Stephen has been able to make contact with his wife is praiseworthy, we cannot stop praying for this brother in Christ. Pray that God would protect Stephen and strengthen him in the face of terribly adversity. Pray that even Stephen's captors would see his faith in Christ and turn to the Lord.

Pray that Stephen would be released so that he might be reunited with his family, so that the Gospel might continue to move forward through the Tarok translation, and so the Tarok people might get to know more about their God through the Old Testament writings.

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