BiblePlus+ provides unique Gospel experience in Ghana

By May 25, 2017

Ghana (MNN) — When God stirs His people to action, there’s no telling what they can accomplish.

(Photo courtesy of OneWay Ministries)

After recently asking people to donate to its BiblePlus+ audio Scripture project, OneWay Ministries realized just how true that statement is.

“We called out to God’s people, we said, ‘Fifty dollars [per unit] — we’ll distribute as many as you provide,’” OneWay’s Michael Thompson says. “And we really had no expectation, maybe not the faith, but we thought maybe $5,000 or something, and maybe 100 units or something. Well, in just a few weeks, people from all over the country sent in funds to help us get 1,000 units — $50,000.”

The solar-powered units contain audio recordings of Scripture, testimonies, music, and even community health information. This summer, a team from OneWay will take a shipment to Ghana and distribute them among the unreached.

“OneWay is investing in young people, not just in the States, but also overseas in that stage of life,” Thompson says. “Next month, we are taking a team from the United States, and they will merge with a group of young people in Ghana for what we call Living Stones School of Missions, and they will be trained by both Ghanaian and Western teachers on missions and on what it means to live in this world for the Great Commission.

“That group of people from both cultures then are going to go up north, where they will be able to distribute the BiblePlus+ units, minister to people, and serve together as well.”

Their work thus far has proved fruitful. Michael’s wife, Rachel, has witnessed firsthand how the audio Bibles are leading people to Christ.

(Photo courtesy of OneWay Ministries)

“There was a woman who got one at one of our trainings, and she was just playing it in her home, and her husband was quite resistant to Christianity,” Rachel says. “But over time, as he heard the unit, and also saw changes in his wife, and even change her attitude toward him, he also was won over.

“In the realm of discipleship, we’ve seen just the fact that it’s an audio unit that plays over and over again, people that have memorized large chunks of Scripture as a result of listening to the unit, and have really been felt equipped to go out and teach just as a result of feeling like they have had material that has equipped them to share the Word with others.”

Can you come alongside OneWay and support its work among the unreached? Michael asks you to pray that God would continue to protect and grow their work in Ghana. You can find other ways to get involved, including internships for college students, by clicking here!

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