Bibles and books can change Boko Haram

By June 19, 2014
Bibles can change the Boko Haram.
Bibles can change the Boko Haram.

Unloading Bibles and books at CRI’s
distribution center in Nigeria.

USA (MNN) — An explosion at a World Cup watching event in Nigeria has left more than 20 people dead. According to reports, the explosion happened in Kano, in northeastern Nigeria, claiming the lives of men and boys who were watching Brazil vs. Mexico soccer game. Reports indicate that Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group, had distributed leaflets to the viewing centers in three different languages warning them not to open during the World Cup.

Boko Haram is also responsible for the recent kidnapping of more than 250 school girls, plus countless attacks on Christians in the region. Why? They want an Islamic state, absent from any other religions.

What can stop this string of terror?

The Executive Director of Christian Resources International Jason Woolford says only God’s Word can stop it. And he’s hoping CRI can help make a difference. “With all the troubles that are happening in Nigeria, I don’t think it’s by accident that a year and a half ago God put on my heart to establish the first ever CRI distribution center in Nigeria.”

CRI collects used Bibles and Christian books, puts them in a sea container, then ships them where requested.

Nigeria isn’t the only place CRI working. They’re establishing distribution centers in the Philippines, Ghana, and later this year, Scotland. “Pastors and missionaries. . . those who need God’s Word will be able to come and shop for free.” Each one of them will receive $3,000 worth of free resources.

Why are they needed? Woolford says, “122,000 people are being saved every day, and a majority of those people are attending a church with a pastor who doesn’t own a Bible.”

You help CRI provide for those needs by donating your used Bibles and Christian books. Woolford says, however, they also need churches, Christian business people, and other donors to help get them there. $10,000 sends a sea container. “To send a half-million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books around the world, or maybe there is someone listening that says, ‘You know, for $27 a month, I want to be a monthly supporter of CRI.”

If you’d like to become a CRI Book Missionary, click here.

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