Bibles can help bring literacy to rural China

By May 26, 2021

China (MNN) — For people in rural China, getting access to a Bible can change their lives in more ways than one. They can learn the story of Jesus and find hope in His kingdom. But they also can build literacy skills.

Kurt Rovenstine says Bibles for China has seen this happen. “One of our partners over there told a story about her aunt, who was just a beginning reader, just an elementary level reader. She only knew a few of the characters. With the help of the Bible that she received, and an audio Bible that she had access to, she learned to read quite well and came fairly proficient at it. As a result of that process, she accepted Christ and was baptized.”

That’s why Bibles for China hopes to do more work in the literacy space. Rovenstine says the ministry may make more use of audio Bibles in the future.

For now, he is focused on staying engaged with contacts in China. He hasn’t been able to physically visit for some time, due to the pandemic and political tensions. “We’re looking for the opportunity for us to re-engage our folks in China. God’s been so good to keep doors open. And we’ve been as busy in terms of distributions as we’ve ever been.”

“We’ve got more requests at this point in the year for scriptures and scriptural engagements than we’ve ever had.”



Header photo courtesy of Bibles for China on Facebook.