Bibles for China gears up for 2017

By December 26, 2016

China (MNN) — Hearing the same story over and over again can sometimes make us numb to the message we’re meant to hear. That can often be the case with ministries, too.

“When I share with our friends on Mission Network News [about] Bibles for China, China’s where we do it,” Bibles for China’s Wendell Rovenstine explains. “We have a passion for His Word and a heart for China and openness to God, it is a repetitive message that needs to be shared.”

(Photo Courtesy Bibles For China via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy Bibles For China via Facebook)

The truth of the matter is that Bibles for China isn’t sharing the same needs because they don’t know what else to say, but rather because the need for Bibles in China hasn’t decreased, it’s increased.

“The difference is we have additional locations that are requesting we be there. These requests are coming from within China. They’re not places we’re going and taking some sort of a gift and asking, ‘Can we assist you?’ They’re coming to us and saying, ‘We need Bibles,’” Rovenstine explains.

“So next year [2017] is going to be an increased number of Bibles. With the Bibles increasing, we just had our board meeting in Colorado Springs this month. Their real concern is that the Bibles are adequate, but the cry and the need…in China is, ‘We need spiritual help tools. We need tools for our pastors.’”

And you can be assured when you donate to Bibles for China to help resource China’s churches, your money is being used as best as it can.

Furthermore, Bibles for China doesn’t pay for a physical location for things like offices or even a headquarter. Instead, the ministry is often managed from Rovenstine’s iPad. Bibles for China keeps things simple so the ministry is able to do more with the resources it has to help resource churches in China.

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

“This is God’s, [the money]. We just have an opportunity to receive funds from all over the world through our website,…we do not receive money at a central location. We have the money all sent to a bank,” Rovenstine shares.

Lately, that money has been used to help come alongside Christians in rural China. However, Rovenstine is seeing a trend where China’s rural Christians, who see a need to share God’s Word in urban settings, are trying to do just that. A part of Bibles for China come alongside these churches includes legally purchases Bibles in China through Amity Press.

“The rural community sees the burden, heavy burden, for the urban areas of China [needing the Gospel]. So, we are next year looking at the ways that we can be an encouragement to the people.”

So if you would, pray for China’s Christians. Pray for Bibles to get into the hands of the Chinese community, for God’s provision of His Word through Bibles for China, and for the needs of the Chinese Church to be met.

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*Bibles for China operates legally within the country, working with the CCC and CPE Urban Country Communist Community.

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