Bibles for China looking forward to May

By February 28, 2014
Pray, give, or go. Find out how you can partner with Bibles for China. (Photo by BFC)

Pray, give, or go. Find out how you can
partner with Bibles for China.
(Photo by BFC)

China (MNN) — There are many images that can strike awe in our hearts. Not the least of these is the scene of a Christian hungry for the Word receiving their first Bible.

This May, Bibles for China is heading into China to distribute 20,000 Bibles.

Wendell Rovenstine of BFC says, “The Chinese soil is so fertile for God’s Word.” The team wants to distribute “as many Bibles as we can get funded. The more Bibles, the more souls for Christ, the more commitment for those people to really have opportunity to get into God’s Word and really understand and know what it says.”

As with last year, Bibles for China has been blessed with a matching grant. For every $5 given to buy a Bible, two Bibles will find their way into the hands of someone who has perhaps never held a Bible before.

Rovenstine says, “The Bible is needed. We know that it’s going to someone that desperately needs that Bible.”

If you’re interested in participating in such a trip, it isn’t too late to get signed up for the May opportunity. However, it could be a pinch to get everything in on time. BFC is going again this November. For more information on mission trips with BFC, click here.

Why would anyone want to do this? “Certainly you’re going to be encouraged beyond comprehension with what a joy it is to give someone a Bible and see them just embrace it. Immediately, a wonderful, beautiful smile comes on their face.”

Perhaps missions trips just aren’t for you. There are many other ways that you can get involved. BFC could use your prayers for safety and success in distributing God’s word. Pray that members of the givers and receivers would all be blessed.

If you’re interested in supporting financially, click here.

“We want to make Bibles for China available to the churches and the Christian community that have a heart for God’s Word in the heart of China, to make a difference in the eternal hearts of many that read and embrace God’s word that receive it.”

Rovenstine not only wishes for others to get involved, but he has faith that good work will be done.” We’re trusting the Lord for a great harvest.”

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