Bibles for China: Bringing God’s Word to China in 2019

By December 26, 2018
Chinese Christians

China (MNN) – As the New Year approaches, Bibles for China is thankful for continued partnerships despite increasing pressure on the Chinese Church.

A Challenging Year for the Church

The last year has seen a lot of change in China. From new religious regulations to forcible church closings, the Chinese government is pressuring Christians.

Wendell Rovenstine, President of Bibles for China, notes that persecuted Christians are not alone. “We realize that the Chinese Christians that are on the ground – or [as they say in] the theater with their boots on the ground – actually doing what needs to be done, are experiencing some push-back and some things that they need to deal with internally. And we’re supporting them and encouraging them.”

But even with mounting pressure, God’s Word is not slowing its work and there are still legal avenues for distribution.

Continuing to Work Legally in China

Rovenstine reminds American Christians that currently it is still legal to own a Bible in China. Bibles for China and its partners will operate under that legality as long as possible. They will continue to bring as many Bibles as possible to those seeking Scripture.

(All Photos Courtesy of Bibles for China)

The organization recently met with their partners in the Chinese church to talk about the New Year. These Christians report God’s faithfulness through Bibles for China’s ministry throughout their country. And in spite of the uncertainty of the Church’s legal future, they are requesting additional funds to buy more Bibles!

Currently, that means purchasing even more Bibles in China from Amity Printing Press through registered Churches.

“Having a Bible that shows that it has been printed in China is big because if they have a Bible in their possession, any Christian person in China, (which is an atheistic country) has a Bible that says and is earmarked that it is printed in China, that is a Bible that they are permitted legally to have.”

New Year, New Concerns?

Rovenstine explains that while current laws still permit Bible ownership, the climate is changing. The government wants to keep those who are not part of the registered Church from owning a Bible.

Only God knows what the New Year will bring. But for now Bibles for China will work with their partners to bring God’s Word to as many people as possible.

Get Involved

Rovenstine encourages Christians to get involved. Support the Chinese Church and the ministry of Bibles for China in 2019 by prayer, giving and fund-raising. Check out their website to see how God could use you to help bring His Word to China.

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