Bibles For China equips US churches to reach Chinese families

By December 28, 2023

United States (MNN) – Immigration from China to the US has resumed since the pandemic. More Chinese immigrants live in the US than any other country. The US now hosts over two million Chinese people.

Bibles For China sees this as an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who would otherwise be hard to reach. Chinese churches based in the United States have already been welcoming newcomers and finding open doors as they are the hands and feet of Jesus.

Kurt Rovenstine says, “One of the things that we’re hoping we’ll be able to do is to respond with a Children’s Bible to the diaspora.”

In China, children’s and youth ministry are strictly prohibited. Minors under 18 years old are not even allowed to attend church services. Read more in this recent story.

Moving out of the country may be the first opportunity for many Chinese children to learn about Jesus. Bibles For China plans to equip the Chinese Church based in the United States with a new resource for outreach to immigrant families.

“This Children’s Bible, that we’re considering printing and distributing through these networks, gives us a unique opportunity to reach kids,” says Rovenstine, “and quite honestly, maybe even parents who have never read the Bible.”

The new project will supplement Bibles For China’s work distributing God’s Word within the registered churches of rural China. Rovenstine says the ministry will continue to support the Church in China as they are able.

“We’re still thankful for the open doors we have in China, and we’re going to keep running through those doors as long as we possibly can,” says Rovenstine. “But we also know that, people outside of China, that that’s a great opportunity, as well to share the Gospel.”

Pray that Bibles For China follows the leading of the Holy Spirit and that many Chinese families come to know the Lord through the new Children’s Bible.


Photos courtesy of Bibles For China.

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