Bibles for China seeks to bring new resources to churches

By January 31, 2019

China (MNN) – As China once again closes its doors to Christians, Bibles for China seeks to bring new resources to Chinese Christians.

Favor With the Local Church

From persecution of smaller house churches or more public displays, Christians in China are feeling the pressure increase from their government. However, in all of this, Bibles for China is thankful for God’s continued work in their local partnerships.

Wendell Rovenstine, President of Bibles for China explains, “You know, God has really granted us favor with the relationships we’ve had within the registered church… and those are the relationships, and networks and the people that we’ve developed partnerships with in China.”

They continue to be able to work through Amity Press to distribute Bibles that were printed on Chinese soil. And Rovenstine notes that while authorized by the government, there is nothing amiss with these Bibles. They are whole Bibles, the same Scriptures that westerners use. And yet, they are not struggling to pass them out.

Interpretation Tools for Leadership

However, Bibles are not the only thing these churches need. Rovenstine explains that many Chinese pastors do not have the benefits of formal training. In fact, many don’t own any commentaries or study Bibles at all.

(All photos courtesy of Bibles for China)

Recently some of their Christian partners told him, “‘We need the Bible, it’s very important, but along with that, we don’t have any way of providing any information or any spiritual helps or commentaries or study Bibles and that’s very important to us.’” Rovenstine continues, “And so we brought that back and we processed that through last year. And this year we’re looking at ways that we can not only provide the Bibles, but that we could provide Study Bibles for the pastors and commentaries for the pastor teams.”

Rovenstine says that these forms of help will supplement Bibles for China’s work, rather than replace the current mission.

“So basically we’re still doing Bibles, but we’re also wanting to assist with other scripture engagement forms. Such as the pocket Testament league has the pocket testaments that they give out, the little Gospels of John, the commentaries, the study Bibles [are resources] they can use along with the Bible.”

Go to God in Prayer

The future is uncertain, but Bibles for China wants to distribute resources legally for as long as they possibly can. However, providing those new resources requires funding, research, and new planning for 2019. And they need the prayers and actions of God’s people to back them up.

Rovenstine says, “And I’d like people to pray and ask the Lord, What do you want me or our organization or church to do? To be a part of sowing the seed and making sure everyone who goes to Church in China in a registered Church has a Bible that’s a Bible of their own. And I’d like everyone to pray that we’d have wisdom and integrity and openness to the leadership of the Lord.”

Please pray for the spread of the Gospel in China despite new persecution. Pray for leaders in the Chinese church as they seek new resources that will help them teach.

Pray also for wisdom as Bibles for China works under an increasingly hostile government to bring about God’s Word to the nations.

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