Bibles headed to Hong Kong, but help is needed

By August 23, 2012

USA (MNN) — Christians Resources International repurposes used Bibles and books for God's Kingdom. Did you ever think that used Bibles and books would be used as a ministry in a place like Hong Kong? Well, that's exactly what's happening soon, with your support.

Executive Director of CRI Jason Woolford says, "We do that for the sake of equipping multiple different backgrounds of people who are flocking to Hong Kong. We set up free distribution center throughout Hong Kong, and then we have an opportunity to get some of that into Mainland China as well."

Woolford says CRI has already sent three containers into Hong Kong. As a result of those, he says their ministry is being imitated. "We're seeing other religions that are trying to duplicate what we've been doing for many years now. We're seeing this in the Muslim faith and community — looking at what we did as a ministry. Now, they're setting up street evangelism and distribution centers as well."

Christians from all over the United States have already sent Bibles and Christian teaching tools to fill a container. That's more than $365,000 of material. Now it must be shipped. "To send a container to Hong Kong costs $10,900. We have some of that already sponsored. We need an additional $5,900 [yet to be raised] to be able to send this container to Hong Kong," says Woolford.

This means you can join the mission field without leaving your home. "By using our God-given resources, we can spread the glorious knowledge of Salvation to those who are living without Christ. Truly we become book missionaries."

CRI has reached 169 nations with 500 million opportunities to read about Christ.

If you've ever wondered about effectiveness in ministry, listen to what Woolford says: "We are sending the Word of God. God's Word is specific that His Word will not return void."

You can become a full-time Book Missionary by supporting CRI with your $20-a-month gift. If you like to sign up for this, or would like to give a major gift to this project, click here .

Pray that God will move many Christians to help fund this container headed for Hong Kong.

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