Bibles now part of aid package going to Peru quake relief

By September 27, 2007

Peru (MNN) — Earthquake survivors are receiving assistance in many forms
from the European Union and IBS-STL Global.

An initial two million Euros were
provided by the EU immediately following the August 15 quake. Blankets and
Spanish-translated Bibles were also sent by IBS-STL to provide spiritual
strength and comfort to the victims. Now the EU is providing an additional 6
million Euros to cover needs not expected in the initial estimates.

The earthquake hit 7.9 on the Richter scale and left over
80,000 people homeless along the southern coast of Peru. Christian groups including
the Peruvian Bible Society, Compassion International, and the Salvation Army
were there to provide physical help and spiritual counseling.

Now they stand ready to provide comfort in the form of
14,500 blankets and over 40,000 Spanish-translated Scriptures. ISB-STL hurried
to ship the aid after seeing the immense need and suffering.

Enrique Balden, ISB-STL's assistant director for South America said, "The suffering is immense. God gives
the Peruvian people hope for a new life. Today, more than ever before, the
inhabitants of the zones affected by this tragedy need God's Word."

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