Bibles shipment bringing hope to Wuhan

By December 7, 2020

China (MNN) — The city with the first reported COVID-19 case now has some good news coming in. Wuhan, China has been overwhelmed this year with the coronavirus followed by major flooding in July.

That’s why Bibles for China is sending copies of God’s Word into Wuhan — to provide spiritual hope.

Citizens of Wuhan buying masks. (Image courtesy of China News Service on Wikipedia Commons)

Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China says Wuhan is the latest in a series of Bible distributions. They’re amazed that despite all the setbacks of 2020, “Every project that we had planned on accomplishing this year was able to be completed.”

Rovenstine credits their successful ministry year to God’s faithfulness and the relentless support of the Body of Christ.

“We seemed to have just what we needed at just the right time…. We’re sitting in a position where we can plan to do a full amount of our same slate of projects for next year if things continue as they’re going. So [we] praise the Lord for His goodness.”

With all the chaos and distraction of COVID-19, there haven’t been any new mandates or restrictions on churches in China that we’re aware of.

However, Rovenstine says, “Our partners do seem to be a little more cautious in what they say, how we connect, [and] what platforms we use to communicate. There seems to be an increasing caution and we’re having conversations just amongst ourselves as to what that means and what might be happening there that we’re not hearing. So we’re definitely in prayer for that.”

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

But even an increasing need for caution won’t stop the Gospel in China. Bibles for China’s ministry partners on the ground are committed to continuing Bible distributions in rural areas where hundreds of thousands of people still wait for hope.

Please pray for Bibles for China to have wisdom as they wrap up the 2020 ministry year and prepare for the next. And thank God for Scripture going out in China!

Rovenstine also asks for “continued prayer for those people who are on the frontlines facing challenges and difficulties — and sometimes potential persecution — within our ministry and other ministries as well.”

Finally, pray for the people of Wuhan to know how much Jesus loves them by reading His Word.

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Header photo courtesy of Bibles for China.

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