Bibles smuggled by faith alone

By September 1, 2014
by faith alone cover
by faith alone cover

Contact Vision Beyond Borders to get
a copy of ‘By Faith Alone.’

USA (MNN) — How do you get Bibles into a country where they’re outlawed? By faith alone–which also happens to be the title of a new book by┬áPatrick Klein, Vision Beyond Borders president.

“I’m hoping what it will do is encourage us, as Christians in America, that people still around the world are putting their lives on the line for the Gospel,” Klein says.

By Faith Alone is a collection of stories Klein wrote about God’s faithfulness. They’re true stories about all the times God has helped VBB teams smuggle Bibles into closed countries.

Here’s why VBB brings Bibles across closed borders.

Klein says he first became excited about Bible smuggling after reading God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew. In case you’ve never read it, God’s Smuggler is a true-story account of Christian missionary Andrew van der Bijl’s adventures in Bible smuggling during the Cold War.

“I think it’s really important to build faith in people today and get excited that God is at work around the world today; it’s an exciting time to be alive,” shares Klein.

Just as God’s Smuggler motivated him as a young Christian, Klein hopes By Faith Alone inspires those who read it.

“I hope it encourages more people to step out in faith and say, ‘God, what do you want me to do? What is it You have for my life?'”

With a $15 USD donation, you can get a copy of By Faith Alone and help God’s Word reach believers in closed countries.

“All the money from the book goes right back into printing more Bibles and getting more Bibles around the world,” Klein explains.

Contact Vision Beyond Borders to get a copy of By Faith Alone.

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