Bibles still coming in from national Bible drive

By September 19, 2007

USA (MNN) — Love Packages' first-ever national Bible drive
is still getting response. Last month,
Love Packages' Steve Schmidt said they were trying to get churches across the
United States to do a Bible drive. 

Christians were encouraged to donate unused, extra Bibles to
Love Packages for use in the under-resourced Third World Church. "I would expect that, before the end of
the year, from the August Bible drive we're going to get close to our goal
of 200,000. We have Bibles coming in everyday. We have people bringing
them in by the carloads (and) truckloads." 

Each container they send overseas contains 1 million pieces
of literature. It gets into the hands
of Christians because of partnerships, Schmidt explains. "We've set up
distribution points, different places in the world with Every Home For Christ,
with Campus Crusade, with a number of evangelical fellowships…different
places in the world. We send it to them. They have a better idea of the people who are in need of it, and then we
get reports back. We're like the supply
line, I suppose."

Each container they send overseas contains 1 million pieces
of literature. It's a pretty good
return, according to Schmidt. He says the
statistics indicate that "every piece of literature that we put on the field
is going to be read by a minimum of 20 people."

The impact is far-reaching. One recipient from Iraq writes, "I get your supplies every month. There
are evangelical churches springing up all the time. Most of the churches here
are old and in need of financial support. I am attaching a couple of photos of
the condition of the churches with orphanages in the Baghdad area. The income
is very low, and its amazing they can even operate. That's where your Arabic literature comes in
so nicely. They now have literature to go out into the communities and pass out
about Jesus. This brings in more people and increased the income somewhat.
Everyone here likes to readm even the Muslims. Some will read a Bible if you
give it to them. This is a great blessing in itself. God is moving in Iraq, and
conversions are being seen. The task is slow but steady. Please pray for a
bountiful harvest as God opens the doorways. Keep in touch, please, as you are a
large part of this ministry."

If you have extra Bibles, tracts, dictionaries, Bible
dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, Christian books, or Sunday School
Curriculum that's not being used, consider sending it to Love Packages. Click here for details.

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