Biblica brings the hope of God’s Word to tornado survivors

By May 9, 2011

USA (MNN) — Fallen trees. Overturned cars. Communities devastated. The images that we've seen of the violent storms in the southern United States in the media are embedded in our minds. For survivors of natural disasters, the psychological effects can linger for years to come. They need the strength and comfort of God's Word to make sense of their shattered world.

Biblica is partnering with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, The Salvation Army, The Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL, and a coalition of churches called the Association of Related Churches (ARC). As these partners meet the much-needed physical needs of the survivors, the following biblical resources help address their emotional and spiritual needs:

• "When Your Whole World Changes" — a 30-day reading guide to help survivors through the difficult process of grieving and healing.

• "The Survivors for Children" — helps kids face five common emotions after crisis: feeling afraid, powerless, sad, angry, and lonely.
• "Beside Quiet Water" — helps survivors overcome anxiety.
• Bibles as resources become available. God's Word provides strength and comfort in times of crisis.

Jack Munday, Director of Billy Graham's Rapid Response Team, said, "At least sixty percent of people in a crisis — whether they've lost their home to a flood, a tornado, or a fire — have already had a crisis in their life. They may have lost a family member, a job, or gone through a divorce. People have gone through difficult things in life anyway. And when a new storm hits them, it's amazing to see how God opens their heart. We recognize it's God's Word that brings the comfort they're looking for during crisis."

Biblica reports they are thankful for the opportunity to bring the comfort of God's Word to the Southeast.

To join them and their alliances to provide survivors with God's Word, please visit and click on the giving link.

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