Biblica helps bring hope to a hurting Romania

By January 19, 2012

Romania (MNN) — Protestors refused to let up in Romania yesterday, marking seven straight days of demands that the government resign.

The recent protests may be the first many hear of Romania's struggles, but the nation has been burdened for ages. Although it was freed from communist rule years ago, for many, freedom hasn't brought hoped-for prosperity. Instead, it has brought HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol addiction, and increased criminal activity, notes Bible ministry Biblica.

Poverty in Romania has left thousands of abandoned youth on the streets. Graduate orphans often wind up prostituting themselves and selling drugs to survive. As these teens migrate to large cities like Bucharest, they're provided with anonymity, the potential for work, and a place to find drugs.

But while some are trying to solve the problems with protests, the church has been attempting to reach out to young people in particular with their only true hope: the Word of God.

Teen Challenge Romania seeks out young addicts and invites them to participate in a one-year residential recovery and discipleship program in which they're introduced to Jesus Christ. Biblica partners with Teen Challenge, local churches, and donors to give these young people their own Bibles when they enter the program.

Biblica's New Romanian Translation uses easily-understandable contemporary language. These Bibles are the teens' companions and guide through a year of demanding life change. Teen Challenge also gives these Bibles to inmates to prisoners, street people, and families.

As you hear more about the protests of Romania, consider providing them with the hope found in Christ. Click here to help Biblica transform hurting lives.

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