Biblical story leads Iranians to lasting hope

By June 12, 2023

Iran (MNN) – Long before the current oppression and unrest of women and youth in Iran, there was another woman who stood up to save the lives of a marginalized group. International Media Ministries wants to share her inspiring story with modern Iranians.

President Denise Godwin says, “The original Bible story actually happened in Iran, what is today Iran.”

Photo from the IMM filming of the short video about Esther.

IMM filmed a short video to introduce Iranians on social media to Esther. Next year, the team plans to develop the story further with a miniseries. You can support the project here.

Godwin says, “Here’s one woman who was influential in the empire. And she actually stood up for many people. And so in the end, we’re asking the question for social media, ‘Where’s your hope?’”

Iran is officially an Islamic state, yet more and more Iranians are leaving Islam. A senior Iranian cleric recently reported that 50,000 mosques have closed out of 75,000. With no faith in the government or Islam, many search for help elsewhere. The Iranian Church is considered to be the fastest-growing worldwide. Meanwhile, the Iranian government’s brutal treatment of its citizens is growing worse and hasn’t showed any signs of relenting.

Godwin says, “We’re excited to open up this discussion in a place that is really subjugating and persecuting young people and women right now.”

Godwin also encourages believers to continue praying for change in Iran.

“This is a really important time for Christians all over the world to be praying with Iranians to break the chains of darkness that have dominated that country for more than 40 years,” says Godwin.

Pray also for those who will watch the story of Esther produced by IMM. May they be inspired and find lasting hope in the God of the Bible.

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Photos provided courtesy of International Media Ministries.