Bikers the target of outreach in the U.S.

By May 21, 2015

World Missionary Press has donated Scripture booklets for Black Biker Week. (Photo Courtesy of

USA (MNN) — Last weekend, violence erupted after motorcycle gangs clashed in Waco, Texas. Nine suspected gang members died and 170 were arrested following the weekend brawl that involved as many as five gangs.

This weekend, about 500,000 people are expected to gather in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for the 2015 Black Bike Week. Their Web site says it’s a time of non-stop motorcycle riding, partying, and more. The “more’ includes illicit behavior you can only imagine. World Missionary Press is helping some motorcycle riders to share Christ during the event.

Fred Eiler is a World Missionary Press field representative. Eiler says the ministry didn’t intend to be involved. He was speaking at a church in Bedford, Pennsylvania. “After the service that morning, we ran into a man and his wife who have a ministry to bikers and a street ministry. We were able to share with them about the Scripture booklets, and [we] were able to give them around 2,000 booklets in English as they go to Myrtle Beach to the Black Bike Weekend.”

Eiler says this was an amazing meeting. Last year, violence plagued the event. “You don’t take a family vacation [in Myrtle Beach] on that weekend.” This year a larger police presence is expected, especially after the Ferguson and Baltimore unrest.


500,000 people are expected in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for Black Biker Weekend, as Christians reach out with Scripture booklets. (Photo Courtesy of

What can stop it? The Gospel. Eiler says this couple is sharing it. “They go on the street and they preach, and they’re able to share God’s Word. And, when you do that, when you put a 48-page Scripture booklet into somebody’s hand, you’ve just given the Holy Spirit something to work with in that person’s life.

Why are these booklets needed in the United States, a country founded on God? Eiler says we live in a post-Christian nation. “The amazing life of Christ, the Scripture booklet, is a real thing — a tool that can be used today because Americans don’t know who Jesus is, and that’s sad.”

The Pew Research Study tells us fewer Americans today consider themselves Christians. This kind of evangelism and more will be needed to see revival take America back again.

World Missionary Press provides Scripture free of charge to those who request it. They’re able to do that as you support them. Eiler says $21 purchases a case of 525 Scripture booklets.

In addition to English, “We supply Scripture booklets in 343 different languages in 209 countries absolutely free.”

If you’d like to help World Missionary Press provide Scripture booklets around the world, including events such as the Black Bike Weekend, click here.

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