Bill introduced for creation of a special envoy for religious freedom

By February 23, 2011

Middle East (MNN) — Congress is considering a religious freedom envoy.

This is especially important as revolution swept through the Middle East and
cleared away old governments. Lawmakers
feel there is a critical moment for the United States to help promote the
freedom of religion as foundational to strong civil societies.   

Yet there is a significant risk of Islamic fundamentalism supplanting
the former governments in the power vacuum.

Meanwhile, the plight of Christians and other religious minorities in
Islam-dominated nations has grown increasingly hostile. As watch
dog groups document more and more persecution, it seems that there's little hope of
improvement in the near future.

On January 25, Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf introduced
House Resolution 440, a bill that requires the Obama administration to
appoint a Special Envoy for religious minorities in the Near East and South
Central Asia.

It has since been referred to the House Committee on Foreign
Affairs. The bill has some bi-partisan support, with 31 co-sponsors from both
sides of the aisle.

There was very little coverage on the bill, so Open Doors USA has
launched an advocacy program in support of H.R. 440. 

By creating a Special Envoy for religious minorities, the Obama
administration will be appointing an expert on international religious freedom
to directly address religious persecution in this part of the world.

Open Doors USA believes that this Special Envoy position will help
protect the human rights of all religious minorities, including Christians in
this area of the world.

Take a moment to send a message to your U.S. Representative encouraging
them to co-sponsor this legislation and vote "Yes" when the bill is
brought up for a vote. There is nothing more powerful than the voice of a
constituent to a Member of Congress.

Advocacy message

here for H.R. 440.


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