Bird farming is the new fundraiser for Indonesian church planters

By September 15, 2020

Indonesia (MNN) — There are so many creative ways to fundraise. Why not use one to raise money for church planting? Indonesian pastors are doing just that, with songbird farming.

“Right now, one couple is start nesting. And every month, we hope that this bird that is nesting will give us small bird and we usually can sell this bird two months out,” Oscar with FMI says.

Songbirds are a luxury item among the wealthy in Java and can sell for five million Rupiah, or the equivalent of $300. This is half of the monthly income of the average wage worker.

Photo courtesy of Flikr Creative Commons

Oscar works on teaching new church planters new ways to raise money for ministry, while also providing for their families.

“So I try to order business and I will share to him how to start, how to manage, and how to get the money,” he says. “It’s ok ministry. Business is ok, good, but family is ok [too].”

Oscar plans on setting up several micro-enterprises, such as pig farming, to support church planters and their families.

We can do our part by praying for the success of these micro-enterprises, that they will continue to raise money for churches to be planted and support those doing the work of God.

FMI works to use international believers within various cultures to spread the Gospel. They believe that it will be better received by natives in those countries. They work in Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.


Feature photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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