Bite of global food crisis prompts response in Ghana

By May 7, 2008

Ghana (MNN) — Global food prices are hitting ministries
hard in many parts of the world. 

Though not a feeding program, we asked Oasis International's
Ambrose Brennan how the crisis has affected their school in Prampram, Ghana.
"We have had a few students who have actually dropped out of the school
because of the higher prices for food and gasoline. The higher the
petrol prices go, it definitely affects everything."

It's a positive report considering the gloom rolling in from
other sectors of the world. In fact,
Ghana's Minister of Food and Agriculture
has gone on record saying for now, there is enough food in stock to
prevent Ghana from being affected by the recent food shortages across parts of
the world.

However, in advance of what could be a long period of global
insecurity, Ghana's government plans to establish contingency planning and
emergency preparedness, which includes setting aside strategic stocks to counter
the effect of natural disasters.

Like the government, Brennan says they're preparing for the
lean times. They're teaching their
students the principles of tithing and sacrificial giving.

The teaching team began their lessons this week on how
tithing can help be a part of community change. "This is our challenge to
our students when they go back to their churches…to challenge their
congregations: 'If we trust God, if we just believe that His Word is true, and
these principles of giving are true, then God will bless us, even though it
looks impossible in the natural.'"

The Oasis International Training Centre provides both Biblical and
vocational training at the secondary and post secondary level. Students can take courses in Bible Theology,
Church Organization and Administration, Pastoral Studies, Church Structure,
Basic Computer Applications, Word Processing, Financial Management, English and
Basic Accounting.

Pray that the Lord continues to make
Himself known among these communities where the students live. Pray that the Centre would find ways to
assist struggling students as they finish their education. If you can help, click here.


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