Blankets are needed for victims of the cold in India

By January 20, 2012

India (MNN) — While people in the United States, Europe, and Russia are accustomed to cold temperatures, the people of India are not. Yet, many in this nation of over 1 billion are suffering the coldest temperatures in more than 100 years.

That's why India Partners is getting involved.

India Partners is working to provide 6,000 blankets to relieve those suffering from the extreme cold wave which is hitting Andhra Pradesh, India.

The southern state is known for its tropical weather, but current temperatures are dipping down to 0C (32F). The locals are unprepared to protect themselves from the cold, and so far, 35 deaths have been recorded. Most of the victims are elderly adults and children.

Bishop Parishudha Babu, Director of India Partners field agency Orphans Faith Home, wrote on Tuesday, Jan. 17th, "Day to day deaths are increasing. Today we have attended one old mother's funeral who died in the cold."

Three of India Partners' indigenous agencies are on the ground in Andhra Pradesh, distributing aid and blankets to the extreme poor. India Partners is seeking relief funds from individuals, corporations, and churches to provide 6,000 blankets to those freezing across Andhra Pradesh. Each blanket costs $10.

For more information about India Partners disaster relief efforts, or to donate, visit or call toll-free 1-877-87-INDIA.

India Partners works alongside a broad group of indigenous, faith-based grassroots agencies in India focused on alleviating poverty and injustice. India Partners believes in helping the people of India help themselves, regardless of caste, religion, gender or creed. We seek support from others who share our passion to empower change.

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