Blase churchgoing a reminder of America’s need for revival

By January 23, 2012

USA (MNN) — The Barna Group has revealed that in a recent study, 46% of church-going Americans reported no change in their lives as a result of their time in church.

"I think on a deep level, there's some accuracy there," admits evangelist Sammy Tippit. "A lot of people just go to church in America. It's the thing to do–it's the cultural thing. But it's really making no difference in their lives."

It's a troubling sentiment. Tippit says that, regardless, he does believe church attendance affects American culture for the better as a whole.

"On a more surface level, though, I think that church attendance–even though people aren't applying truths, aren't learning truths, aren't really committing themselves to the Lord–I think it's still having an impact on our culture," says Tippit.

Whatever the impact, it's still not enough for revival in the States. Tippit agrees with the four points that the Barna Group noted in their study which must be done to turn the country around.

"There are four things that have to be dealt with," explains Tippit. "One: there's a lack of commitment. Two: there's an unwillingness to repent. Three: people confuse activity for spiritual growth. And Four: people fail to engage in genuine accountability."

If people were to focus on these four growth areas, notes Tippit, not only would church attendance have more meaning, but all-out revival could come to America.

"Those are the four ingredients really that prepare us for revival. In order for that kind of awakening to come and to have a lasting effect not only in our lives but in our culture, there's got to be some real discipleship."

Repentance, in particular, is vital for the nation to be reborn in commitments to Christ, adds Tippit. "We're so quick to point our fingers at politicians and at people outside the church, when really it needs to start within the church–this change, repentance."

How will the American church get to that point? Sammy Tippit Ministries has a number of American revival campaigns going, from Tippit's appearance at the Louisiana Baptist Evangelism conference this week to the ministry's soon-to-be-launched center for revival. But above all, revival in America will begin with prayer.

To learn more about the various strategies being employed by Tippit's outreach, as well as ways to pray, click here.


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