Blast recovery unites believers in Lebanon

By August 6, 2020

Lebanon (MNN) — A crisis like the Beirut blast can either divide or unite a community. Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle says it’s bringing believers together throughout Lebanon. “Often, there are divisions within the Church in places like Lebanon and Syria,” he explains.

“But, at a time like this, the Body of Christ comes together. That’s the way it needs to be; that’s the way it should be.”

As rescue teams find bodies in the rubble and new information floods in, few people remain unaffected. “Initially, there’s just this massive shock, but Jesus calls the body of Christ to not sit back during this time,” Doyle says.

In some cases, a unified response involves practical aid and support. In others, believers collectively turn to God for help.

Damages left behind by the explosion.
(Photo courtesy of Nuna/Triumphant Mercy)

“Believers all through Lebanon and Syria are praying together,” Doyle says. They’re praying “that God would stop the madness, the terrorism, all the terrible things they’ve gone through.”

Uncharted impact

Uncharted Ministries partners with local believers to reach Syrian refugees and non-believing Lebanese for Christ. More about Uncharted’s work here. Doyle says Tuesday’s blast affected all of their Beirut partners in one way or another.

“Two of our leaders live in that area (near the seaport), and they’re safe, but their apartment building was instantly leveled. They have nothing left,” Doyle says.

“At the Alliance seminary in Beirut, the buildings were badly damaged. And, I believe the students don’t have any more student housing there.”

One worker sent his wife to stay with her family while he stayed behind to help recovery efforts.

The believer told Uncharted leaders that “he’s never seen so many people die at once; he is still in shock today from all the things he saw. But, he’s staying, and he’s helping, and that’s what believers do,” Doyle says.

“Jesus is going to use them amid the rubble and destroyed lives to reach out with the love of Christ.”

How to help recovery efforts

You can tangibly help Lebanese believers through Uncharted Ministries. “Just give to Uncharted’s general fund and mark it for the believers in Lebanon; 100-percent will go there to help believers in this crisis,” Doyle says. Donate securely online here.

Read our past coverage to understand the many challenges Lebanese believers face. “Read up and get involved with what’s going on there so your prayer points will be more strategic,” Doyle suggests.

Above all else, pray. Use the prompts listed alongside this article to guide your intercession.

“When God’s people unite, great things happen. Only God can do a Romans 8:28 and make all things turn out for good when there’s so much evil present.”



Header image is a screenshot taken from video of Tuesday’s explosion.