New Blessings for Brazil program aims to send literature throughout Brazil

By October 26, 2020

Brazil (MNN) – Backed by a sizable a matching grant, World Missionary Press is ramping up a new program to send Gospel materials to Brazil.

Helen Williams with World Missionary Press says that recently a donor approached them and offered a matching grant of up to $110,000. After careful thought they decided to use the funds for all one project and send materials to Brazil.

She says, “We will be launching a project called Blessings for Brazil, later in October, and then carrying it on for three months to raise matching funds to get three containers of material (primarily in Portuguese, and some in Spanish), for our major distributors to use throughout Brazil.”

A New Openness to the Gospel

Four World Missionary Press distributors throughout Brazil will split three 40-foot containers filled with materials. These distributors reach people in every region of the country.

The distributors are thrilled about the opportunity. Williams said one partner shared that the timing was perfect. “He was so excited. He said now is just the time; he said they’ve got a new government that is a little bit more conservative, that defends religion, and is not as difficult to work with as before, in the last 15 years. People have been encouraged to evangelize even more. He said there’s an even greater openness to the Gospel – more opportunities.”

Volunteers packing literature
Image courtesy of World Missionary Press

Williams says that despite COVID-19 slowing down distribution in larger cities, there is still lots of distribution occurring in the country. The Gospel is breaking into areas that have been filled with idolatry and pagan worship for many years. Some pastors are even going door to door with the good news of the Gospel.

Get Involved

The prospects are exciting, but the project is big. Williams asks for prayer.

“I think we want to pray for those open hearts to receive the Word and for a harvest. We don’t want to pour material in just to say, ‘Look, what we did. We got a lot of material: we got six, seven million pieces into Brazil.’ We want to see God’s direction and His Spirit move and see a harvest.”

Pray that God would open hearts and minds to hear the truth of the Gospel and respond. Please also pray for the distributors and pastors who work with World Missionary Press in Brazil. Pray that God would encourage and strengthen them for their work.

Please also join the project! Williams says that every dollar counts as they march toward the goal of $110,000. Join the work financially by visiting the Blessings for Brazil project here.

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