Bolivia still feeling the pain of historic floods

By March 13, 2007

Bolivia (MNN/WV) — Heavy rains continue to wreak havoc on Bolivia,
one of South America's poorest countries. The flooding is causing disease
outbreaks and food shortages.

42 people have died and an estimated 400,000 people in
Bolivia are affected by flooding, triggered by heavy rains, hail storms, and
other extreme weather that began two months ago and is linked to the El Nino
climate phenomenon.

Last week Bolivia's government declared a national disaster.
Meanwhile, a number of international organizations, including World Vision,
have mobilized to provide humanitarian aid and medical assistance to Bolivia's El
Niño-weary residents.

20 World Vision sponsorship projects have been affected by
flooding. Even as damages and unmet needs are being assessed, World Vision has
dispatched relief teams to assist more than 20,000 Bolivian families
in the hardest-hit central region, providing medicines, medical supplies,
clothing, temporary shelters, means for water purification, as well as hygiene
and school supplies to children.

In addition to flood damage, tropical diseases have been
reported in waterlogged communities, including dengue, malaria, yellow fever,
scabies, respiratory ailments, and acute diarrhea. Dead animals lying in
standing water are creating the threat of severe health epidemics.

World Vision is a Christian organization, providing
assistance in the name of Christ.  To
contribute to their work in the region, click here.

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