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Published on 05 July, 2012

Bomber may avoid jail time

Israel (MNN) — Jewish extremist Jack Teitel may not be facing prison time for his crime of bombing a Christian-Jewish pastor’s home among other offenses.

According to sources from Voice of the Martyrs USA, Teitel’s attorneys are going for revised charges that do not label his act as a hate crime.

If Teitel pleads guilty under these new charges, then he would most likely be sent to a psychiatric institution and avoid prison.

According to The Christian Post, the bombing occurred back in March 2008. Teitel placed a booby-trapped basket of Purim at the front door of Messianic Pastor David Ortiz’s home.

The explosion severely injured Pastor Ortiz’s son, Ami, who was 15 at the time. Since then, Ami has significantly recovered.

Already, Teitel openly takes credit for the bombing. Voice of the Martyrs USA says his motivation was thought to be getting rid of those in Israel who believe differently than he does—that is, anyone not an Orthodox Jew.

Teitel does have a history of earning exempt status in court since, back in 2010, he was declared unfit to stand trial after a psychiatric evaluation. Later, however, that decision was withdrawn.

Along with the Ortiz bombing case, Teitel stands trial for murder shootings, attempted arson, and another bombing case.

However, prosecutors are either sidelining or avoiding Ortiz in pursuing justice for his case. Ortiz says it is because his prosecutor doesn’t want to have a reputation of defending Christians.

Please pray for justice in Ortiz’s case. Pray that the peace of the Lord will cover their family and that they may be a living example of Christ in the midst of persecution.

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