Bomber targets Christians in Jos, Nigeria

By April 30, 2012

Nigeria (MNN)
— Bombers struck again in Jos, Nigeria last Tuesday.

One person
was killed and nine others were injured after suspected Islamic
extremists attacked a TV viewing center in a Christian area of Jos where a
crowd had gathered to watch a soccer game.

Shortly after
10:00 pm local time, an eyewitness told Compass Direct News that extremists drove
past the field and threw an explosive device at hundreds of Christians watching
the match.  

CDN reports, "Various
churches in the Tudun Wada area of Jos commonly use the site as a base for
evangelistic campaigns aimed at social venues in the area. Christian and Muslim
communities live in close but separate quarters of the Tudun Wada area of Jos,
and the attacks have heightened tensions between them. The area comprises eight

It's the second
time extremists have attacked a large, public gathering of Christians. The other recent incident involved the Easter
Day services where a bomb detonated just a few meters from the gathering, injuring five Christians.

In Nigeria, more
than 300 Christians were martyred last year. Since 2009, the extreme Islamic
group Boko Haram has destroyed more than 50 churches and killed 10 pastors in

The country
is ranked No. 13 on the Open Doors World Watch List of 50 countries which are
the worst persecutors of Christians. According to the World Watch List, Nigeria had
at least 300 martyrs in 2011, although the actual number could be doubled or

Please pray
for those who are grieving. Pray that God will give grace to the injured to help
them overcome their physical and emotional wounds. Pray for members of extremist
groups that the Holy Spirit would bring them to full repentance.


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