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Book ministry needs Spanish

By May 4, 2012

USA (MNN) — Providing Christian resources for the English-speaking world has be a high priority for Christian Resources International. This organization re-purposes Bibles, Christian books, and other material for Christians all over the world. Now, with the increasing Hispanic population, the need for Spanish material is great.

CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says, "We distribute about $365,000 worth of Spanish material. And we want to do more. We need to do more."

Mexico, which has been in the news for drug trafficking, gang and drug-related kidnappings, and other related violence has been a priority for CRI. Woolford says, "One of the things we're lacking is Spanish material. As you know, it seems the devil has waged a full assault on Mexico and its people. So we want to go there. We want to get the Word of God there."

Because of that need, Woolford is feeling called to do something. "The Lord has put on my heart to start looking to have a Christian Resources International on the West Coast, allowing people to drop off Spanish materials, helping us logistically, and also allowing us to get things into South America at a much cheaper price."

In the meantime, CRI is working with two individuals to begin the process. Woolford says raising money is key to securing a new building. "We're praying about exactly where God would like us to put that facility, possibly two possibly two locations. Outside of that, [we need] funding for a building and then awareness from churches in those areas to get some volunteers to come in and help with the massive amounts of books the will be coming in."

While Spanish distribution has been limited, Woolford says it has been effective. "Having teaching tools to go along with the Bible has helped their leaders and has helped them with evangelism."

If you'd like to help support CRI Spanish distribution efforts with Bibles, books and bucks to pay for shipping, click here.

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