Book of Hope celebrates milestone

By May 23, 2005

Brazil (MNN) — The Book of Hope is a storybook for kids, which tells the Good News of Jesus Christ. It’s an incredible evangelism tool for young people and this book is now hitting another milestone.

Book of Hope’s Executive Director Rob Hoskins says, “The 300 millionth Book of Hope will be distributed, this in our short 17 year history, so this is a milestone for us that the 300 millionth child will be reached with our Books of Hope. And, so that is actually going to be taking place the week of May 30th down in Sao Palo, Brazil.”

While 300 million copies have been distributed, many more people have actually read a Book of Hope. “Obviously these children take these books home with them,” says Hoskins. “About 90 percent of these books have been distributed in public school systems around the world in over 120 different countries. But, when the book is taken home, the parents read it, grandparents read it, (and) older brothers read it to little brothers and sisters. So, I think it’s safe to say that probably nearly a billion people have become engaged in God’s Word.”

Much more needs to be done, however. At 33 cents a copy, you can help even more children hear the Gospel. “Every dollar reaches three kids and of course their families and the others that are impacted by receiving that book. Our mission statement is to reach every child and young person with God’s Word. So, our mission isn’t fulfilled until every child and young person on the planet receives God’s Word.”

God has allowed Book of Hope to be distributed in limited access and closed countries where the dominant religions are Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism, and Hoskins expects those incredible doors will continue to open.

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