Book of Hope distributes 300-millionth book; Godman international launches

By June 21, 2005

USA (MNN) — Brazil was the site of an incredible milestone for Book of Hope International. Last week, Book of Hope handed out its 300-millionth Book of Hope to a child in the city of Sao Palo.

Book of Hope’s founder Bob Hoskins says eight books targeting early elementary, elementary, teenagers, (and) university students. Focus groups help guide each book. “We deal with things like self esteem, or how to handle the challenge of sexuality as a teenager. So, this draws the children or the young people into the book and then they’re directed to the portions of Scripture that relate to those heart felt needs.”

As many a one-billion people have actually read the Book of Hope in 120 countries. But, Hoskins says the work isn’t done. “The are three billion children and young people in the world,” says Hoskins, and the Godman resource will help with that.

Godman is an animated film of the life of Christ to help those who can’t read. Hoskins says English made it debut recently, but this week another premier is taking place this week. “In Buenos Aires, Argentina we’ll kick off the international distribution of the Godman. We expect to see incredible results among illiterates, among the children in the major capitals in place like America, England and France who can read, but choose not to read.”

English and Spanish lead the way, but Hoskins says more versions are coming. “They’ll be nine versions in total — the Spanish version, African version, Chinese version, (and the) Slavic version. We have in production right now the Indian version, the Arabic version and the African version. We just need prayer that God will bless this tool.”

$250,000 is what it takes to complete each version, which is then dubbed and used in each area. The dubbing costs run about $15,000 and your help is needed to make that possible.

Click on the highlighted link to help Book of Hope with this incredible project.

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