Book of Hope helping drug addicts in Russia

By December 26, 2005

Russia (MNN) — Since the fall of the Soviet Union, alcoholism and drug addiction have ravaged the people of Russia. After the initial joy of a new beginning, it gave way to a sense of hopelessness in people and they didn’t know how to begin to pick up the pieces. Unemployment was high, families were hopeless and many turned to alcohol and drugs.

But, God has taken a discouraging and hopeless situation and made it a situation of hope and promise.

Churches throughout Russia have opened drug rehabilitation centers, not only to give healing and hope physically, but spiritually. They’re providing these once addicted men and women an opportunity to have a relationship with the ultimate Healer and Hope-giver, Jesus Christ. Many of these centers use the Book of Hope as a powerful outreach tool. The easy to read harmony of the Gospel allows them to understand Christ in a real way.

To date more than 40 million Russians have received the Book of Hope and 2,500 new churches have been planted.

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