Book of Hope helps reach a community for Christ.

By November 30, 2005

Argentina (MNN)–It feels like the story of the loaves and fish. Book of Hope recounts a recent story where an Argentinean church of 200 set out to evangelize their community.

Volunteers spent two months distributing over 2000 Books of Hope in the public schools. With enthusiasm spreading, schools picked it up for curriculum, family visitations (1,380 families) grew into radio distribution.

Three local radio stations took part, announcing to the city that any children who hadn’t received a book could pick up their own copy from the station. People were still calling when the books were gone.

A festival culminated the campaign where more than three-thousand people were exposed to the Gospel. What started as an outreach to a few hundred wound up reaching a whole community. Pray that the message takes hold.

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