Book preps inmates for workforce

By June 1, 2012

USA (CBI/MNN) — Sixty percent of people released from prison will return within three years.

A major factor in the incarceration cycle is the challenge felons face when they try to reenter the workforce.

The President of Crossroad Bible Institute (CBI) Dr. H. David Schuringa is trying to combat the problem by equipping prisoners with the information they need to overcome reentry obstacles in his latest book, "Seven Secrets for Success in the Workplace."

“At first I couldn't believe that CBI sent me this book. After all, why would I need a book about a job when I'm in prison? Then I realized that God has a plan for me, and I won’t be in here forever. I am now looking forward to my release so that I can put the things I learned into practice,” CBI student Shane says. Other students report they are practicing the seven secrets in their current prison jobs.

Nearly thirty years of ministry to men and women behind bars has demonstrated to CBI the crucial role of employment in an individual’s ability to stay out of prison and reintegrate into society upon release.

"Seven Secrets for Success in the Workplace" offers strategies for developing a strong work ethic and succeeding in a career. The most talked-about secret in the book is the chapter on becoming a change agent.

“I thought becoming a change agent was saying that I have to ‘kiss-up’ to the boss. But I pondered the idea, prayed about it and have decided it is an excellent idea,” states CBI student Gary.

On a recent visit to Iowa, Dr. Schuringa preached at New Life Prison Community, the prison congregation in Newton Correctional Facility. He met a group of inmates who are studying his book together. Like others in prison, they expressed their gratitude for the lessons learned from the text.

“The lack of a work ethic is part of what lands many people behind bars. My hope is that 'Seven Secrets' will help them pave a new path upon release. But the book is not only for them; anyone can benefit from these principles,” explains Dr. Schuringa.

You can learn more about the book by visiting CBI is a nonprofit prison ministry with more than 42,000 students studying through satellite campuses on six continents. The program is provided at no cost to prisoners and their families.

Pray for the salvation of those in prison and for CBI’s ministry as they bring to Gospel to inmates.

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