Books: a new prayer for a good need

By January 25, 2017

China (MNN) — China Partner is asking for prayers that would, in one sense, put the ministry out of a job. How? With books.

A Need for Books

Handing out Pastor Packs (set of theological study books) to those who attend our PTS is always a highlight for China Partner. (Image, caption courtesy China Partner)

Handing out Pastor Packs (set of theological study books) to those who attend our PTS is always a highlight for China Partner. (Image, caption courtesy of China Partner)

Over the years, China’s Church has grown and ministry leaders have become more mature in their faith. As a result, it’s time these same leaders begin teaching the next generation to take their place.

“The need we see is for pastors and Christians leaders to write good theological books and that’s what we want to encourage,” China Partner’s Erik Burklin explains.

“We just started a ministry not too long ago called YouthServe, and that’s specifically designed to equip the Chinese church leadership to think how they can reach the next generation for Jesus Christ.”

So far, China Partner has provided Chinese Christian leaders with translated theological books. Yet, with the aging generation, there’s a lack of Chinese theologians leaving behind their biblical wisdom for others. For this reason, China Partner wants to both enable and encourage Chinese Christian leaders to put their pen to paper.

Still, this need doesn’t mean the Chinese Church isn’t vibrant. Instead, churches in China are still growing with a lot of opportunities for the Gospel to be shared. Sharing the Gospel, though, includes figuring out how to reach others in different generations and stages of life.

“Part of that is writing good material, writing good books. Young people still are going to be intrigued with what’s out there, and maybe it might be in another venue,” Burklin shares. “Maybe instead of having, you know, books that are being written, maybe it will be in a blog form or on the internet.”

Fear From the Past

Needless to say, creativity is a useful took in sharing the written word with the younger generations such as through various social media platforms. However, there’s a problem in cultivating the skillset needed to write Christian theological materials.

(Photo Courtesy China Partner) Pastor Pack

Pastor pack. (Photo courtesy of China Partner)

“The reasons why there has not been so much writing done over the last 30 years is because the communists really were squelching that creative energy amongst the young people. In fact, many were arrested for being creative or being creative writers or being artists,” Burklin explains.

“And so there’s still somewhat of a fear factor in China, I believe….that’s what we want to pray for and make sure that they (Christian leaders) continue to be willing to do that kind of writing.”

Evidently, the task of helping and equipping China’s Christian leaders to write Christian material is larger than what China Partner can do. Yet, Burklin is confident that through Christians’ prayers across the world, this need can and will be met.

Will You Pray?

Still, as prayers are said for China’s Christian leaders in writing Christian material, pray also for the generations that are being raised up in the country. Many youth are nervous and feel they cannot or should not become leaders in China’s Church. Piled on top of this is also the concern for material wealth, something any and all can fall prey too.

So please lift up the Chinese Church in prayer for encouragement, leadership, sustainability, creativity, writing skills, and for the next generation of Christian leaders to rise to the challenge.

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